Materials & Responsibilities

Rachel places upmost importance on quality as well as ethical and responsible business practices. Each piece is made up of the finest materials sourced with care from reputable merchants and crafters around the globe. Wearers can rest assured knowing that all materials, including those of animal origin, originate from responsible sources, and adhere to EU standards and regulations.


Horn lends a bohemian earthiness to the collection. Each is one of a kind, features an iridescent shimmer and unique color profile that changes with the light. Carefully sourced from cattle farms in Madagascar, skilled craftsmen meticulously form the horns by hand. They are then hand polished for an irresistibly soft surface feel.


Unusual stones and crystals such as agate, labradorite, calcite, hematite and moonstone give the collection an otherworldly sense of luxury. Sourced from Italian traders, the stones are hand-finished and gilded by highly skilled gemstone specialists.


This highly sought after, exotic material features a unique play of colors and patterns. Rough yet gentle, the surface feel delights the senses. Sourced in Thailand, the flexible, malleable skin provides an aesthetic only found in nature.


Python skin is used sparingly in the collection, only when that extra dose of danger and elegance is needed. The fine skin is imported from Thailand and is characterized by its exotic, graphic patterns.


Leather’s supple and earthy properties are important elements of the collection. To guarantee impeccable quality, the cow hides are sourced exclusively from high-end German tanneries and strictly adhere to EU laws and regulations, such as REACH and the German Good Ordinance. The collection’s lambskin nappa leather is sourced from tanneries within the EU and are chrome tanned for that soft, luxurious finish.


Chains add refinement and richness to the collection, and balance out the more unusual natural materials with their classic designs. Made by renowned German craftsmen, the chains are processed with care and finished in an elaborate galvanizing process to ensure their longevity and quality.


Fine pastel tassels in silk quality add a subtle play of color and balance to the collection. The tassel’s opulent forms lend visual interest to the jewelry compositions and effortlessly move with the wearer.

Please note*:

The Rachel van Gurp jewelry collection is created with utmost attention to quality and detail. However, natural materials differ greatly from mass-produced materials. They possess a broad spectrum of colors, shades, grains and surface structures. Thus, each jewelry piece is truly unique and can deviate from web shop images. 

All metals are carefully galvanized with nickel free materials. The finish is longlasting. However, certain factors, including water, sweat, lotion and sun exposure, can increase the likelihood of tarnishing.

Peacock feathers are delicate wonders and should be handled with special care. Preferably, they should be worn open, on blouses or sweaters, not under clothing such as coats or jackets. Despite careful handling, natural materials are transient.

If you suffer from allergies to any of the aforementioned materials, we would advise you not to purchase the products that use them.

As all pieces are individually handcrafted beginning at the time of order, some pieces may take longer for shipment based on availability of materials and prior orders.

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